The resources of the Best Teachers Institute include plenty of practical, concrete suggestions for how faculty can improve student learning in their courses tomorrow morning, next week, and next semester.


Books by Ken Bain have been featured nationally and internationally:


Books by James Lang have been featured nationally and internationally:

Thank you for writing what I now consider one of the best books I have ever read. ‘What the Best College Students Do’ absolutely revolutionized how I approach learning and my capability for increasing my intelligence.
— Justin Mehr, Student, University of California Irvine
If every college teacher read [Bain’s] first book and every student read his new one, we’d have taken a huge step toward solving some of the great challenges for higher education.
— Thomas H. Luxon, Director, Center for the Advancement of Learning, Dartmouth College
Lang’s [Small Teaching] offers what so many faculty members want and need: small-scale changes that can enhance their teaching and their students’ learning—not just ‘someday’ but Monday.
— Marsha C. Lovett, Director, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation, Carnegie Mellon University
Rigorously grounded in empirical studies, rich with illuminating examples, and engagingly written, Cheating Lessons promises to be an eye-opening and immensely useful book for post-secondary educators.
— Christopher Hager, Trinity College