The Best Teachers Institute maintains an active research agenda that informs our work in consultations, workshops, and the Summer Institute

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James Lang’s research interests continue to focus primarily on the complex process of how human beings learn, both in and outside of school.  His most recent book, Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning, focused on how research from the learning sciences can help faculty understand how to create courses that foster deep, durable learning.  His new book project, Always Learning: A Handbook for a Better Life, tentatively projected for publication in late 2018 or early 2019, will turn to the more general question of how engagement in ongoing new learning can help people continue to thrive and grow in the years beyond school.  The book will explore the connections between learning and well-being, and guide readers to the techniques and strategies that promote better learning in their lives.

Ken Bain's current research interests focus on the building of Natural Critical Learning Environments, both in and outside of school, and the impact they have on fostering Deep Learning and Adaptive Expertise.  He is currently finishing a book for parents entitled How to Help Your Kids Get the Most Out of School, based on research into the practices of parents of highly successful deep learners on all levels of education.  He is also working with a team of researchers and writers on several additions to the Best...Do series that he started at Harvard University Press, including What the Best Administrators Do, What the Best Colleges and Universities Offer, and What the Best Online Teachers Do.