Ken Bain and James Lang have produced a rich body of literature that has helped transform the way we think about teaching and learning.


On this page we provide a few links to some of those resources.  Over time the resources here will change and grow.  Check back often.


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Prior to the publication of his book Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning, James Lang wrote a hugely popular series of columns for the Chronicle of Higher Education on small improvements that faculty could make to their courses and individual class periods.  

We have linked to the six-part series below, where you will find research-supported strategies for enhancing the opening and closing minutes of your class period, for helping students make connections between the course material and the world around them, for spacing out the learning of your students, and for promoting a mastery orientation toward their learning by giving them greater control over their learning.


Small Changes in Teaching: The Minutes Before Class

Small Changes in Teaching: The First Five Minutes of Class

Small Changes in Teaching: Making Connections

Small Changes in Teaching: The Last Five Minutes of Class

Small Changes in Teaching: Giving Them a Say

Small Changes in Teaching: Space it Out


Additional articles by James Lang can be found online at TIME Magazine, the Boston Globe, and his website.

Articles by Ken Bain can be found online at the Wall Street Journal and Johns Hopkins University among other places

In Small Teaching, Lang shows us that sometimes less really is more—less disruptive and more appealing, less complicated and more doable, less busy-work and more student learning.
— Susan M. Zvacek, Associate Provost for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning, University of Denver