Improving Retention and Graduation

Everything depends on retaining and graduating students. Best Teachers Institute has developed researched-based approaches to raising retention and graduation rates.  We've worked with hundreds of schools around the world with great success.  We bring to this practice over fifty years of combined experience in higher education administration, as well as extensive research backgrounds in educational design and assessment.  We work with only a limited number of schools each year.  Contact Best Teachers Institute LLC to see if your schools qualifies for this groundbreaking approach.



Research shows that the best single way to improve retention rates is to improve the learning environment.  Best Teachers Institute can help you do that.  Our Fellows can work with your faculty and students to create evidence-based approaches to motivating students and fostering learning. 



Graduation Rates

Graduation rates go up when student motivation increases.  The science of learning has given us powerful tools to stimulate students' interest.  Success builds on success, and with our Natural Critical Learning Environments we help higher education institutions help their students to enjoy the pleasures of meaningful learning all the way to graduation and beyond.


Deep Learning

When students learn deeply they value their education.  They are more likely to stay in school and graduate.  Happy graduates are more likely to become successful alums and give back to the institution that gave them their start.  Best Teachers can help you create research-based approaches to teaching and learning that will address fundamental institutional goals.

“Thank you for writing what I now consider one of the best books I have ever read. ‘What the Best College Students Do’ absolutely revolutionized how I approach learning and my capability for increasing my intelligence.

— Justin Mehr, Student, University of California Irvine