The Best Teachers Institute works globally to help colleges and universities create dynamic new learning opportunities for their students, boost retention and graduation rates, enhance their public profile, and strengthen academic integrity on their campuses.


Drawing on a long-term and ongoing study of the most effective teachers and teaching practices in higher education, the Best Teachers Institute collaborates with faculty and administrators to transform their curricula, courses, and even individual class sessions into powerful new learning experiences for their students.

The Institute’s offerings include interactive workshops for faculty on both face-to-face and online teaching; individual consultations on program, curriculum, and course development; reviews and recommendations of existing programs or courses on campus; and sessions on building a culture of academic integrity on college campuses for students, faculty, and administrators.


Educational Consulting

The Best Teachers Institute team can work with administrators and faculty to analyze, assess, and improve existing departments and programs on campus; help design, launch and assess new initiatives, including dynamic and unique online offerings and MOOC's; help schools address retention, graduation, and other vital issues; and assist institutions as they create evidence-based practices, the Creative Campus, Natural Critical Learning Environments, and focus on fostering Adaptive Expertise. We bring to this practice over forty years of combined experience in higher education administration, as well as extensive research backgrounds in educational design and assessment.


Summer Institute

Our highly interactive, lively, and thought-provoking Summer Institute has become the prime location for faculty members from around the world who wish to spark the highest levels of student learning in the sciences, social science, humanities, arts, law, medicine, business, engineering and other fields.



Our workshops help higher education faculty create transformative learning experiences for their students in face-to-face, blended, and online environments.

We also offer a limited number of programs, seminars, and talks for students to help them become Deep Learners.  We do programs for both higher education and secondary institutions.


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What we have accomplished

We have offered our consulting services, Summer Institutes, and workshops to hundreds of universities worldwide. Please request a workshop, register for our 2019 Summer Institute, or contact us for more information about educational consulting.

Over the last twenty years, we have worked with

  • Over seven hundred colleges and universities
  • Over sixty thousand faculty members in workshops and consultations
  • Over sixty-five thousand students in workshops and talks

We have also admitted more than 1500 faculty members from six continents and more than thirty countries into our limited-enrollment three-day Summer Institute in Chicago, Sydney, and the New York City area.

We have sold more than half-a-million books in twelve different languages.

More than a million readers have seen James Lang's monthly articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education

We have carried out large-scale projects with more than four dozen colleges and universities around the world, helping them to transform their institutions.